Our Concierges on Wheels – Jolley Trolley

Our Concierges on Wheels

Our professional drivers are friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable about each of the cities along the coast; Clearwater Beach, Downtown Clearwater, Dunedin, Palm Harbor, and Tarpon Springs. Each of our drivers have certified qualifications and can easily get you acquainted with the area on your first Jolley Trolley ride. So, all aboard!


Barbara has been living in Clearwater since she moved here when she was very young. With 35 years of experience in professional driving, she affirms that everyone at Jolley Trolley works as a team to provide safe transportation with quality customer service. Her favorite thing about driving our trolleys is being surrounded by passengers. She enjoys conversing with new friends while cruising through the beautiful scenery on our routes.


Benny is originally from Ohio and has been driving the trolleys since 2009. Benny does many of our charters and enjoys meeting and helping his clients have a great experience. His passengers will get a great attitude and a big smile from him. Benny likes to share the great restaurants and great places to visit when they are visiting here.


Bob is from the state of Ohio near Cleveland and has been with the Jolley Trolley since 2014. He enjoys meeting people from many different places in the world and the locals share many interesting facts about the area so he can share with the tourists. Bob says 'the trolleys are inexpensive, no parking hassles, and you get to view the area with curtains open! He will let you know the different events happening around!


Brent has lived all over the U.S. and Germany being raised in a military family and has been driving the trolley since 2011. While driving he enjoys observing people having a good time on Clearwater Beach. Living in the area for a long time he still loves seeing dolphins in the bay, and watching the sunsets. You might hear some music on his trolleys and will offer some great info for the Clearwater area.


Home of the Apollo Command Module, CA is where Cary is from and has been driving the Jolley Trolley since 2014. While driving his routes he likes interesting people and especially when some groups break out in a song! He wants his passengers to feel safe and he does his best getting them to where they are going! Ask Cary about current events, restaurants or the sponge docks!


Daniela was born in Alaska and has been driving the trolley since 2015. She says 'There are so many things to do along Clearwater Beach and the Coastal Route. Between shopping, breweries, concerts, and the many festivals that this area has to offer.' Her passengers love the feel of the trolleys and the friendly drivers will assist them in transferring to another trolley, if needed. Daniela keeps informed on the events and will tell you the best way to get there.


Deveriell is originally from the island of Jamaica and he moved here for his family. Since his immigration to the U.S., he has been a public transportation driver for four years. His favorite Jolley Trolley route is our coastal route. Of all the small towns he drives through on the coastal route, he likes Palm Harbor the most. He encourages his passengers to buy day passes so that they can hop on and off the trolley in each town to see for themselves what each town offers.


Diane, also known as “Bambi” by her Jolley Trolley family, is originally from Wheaton, Maryland. She relocated to the Clearwater area because she wanted year-round warm weather. Diane has been a part of our Jolley Trolley family since 2010 and she has been a transportation driver for 20 years! Tarpon Springs is her favorite trolley stop because of the amazing Greek food and culture. She loves meeting new people and making new friends while driving the trolleys. She says our drivers are always very patient and helpful whether your lost or just looking for something to do.


Dianne is from Mobile, Alabama and has been driving the Jolley Trolley since 2013. While shes driving her routes she enjoys meeting different people from many different places. Listening to her passengers share their experiences makes her day! Dianne offers great advice on places to dine and shop.


Donna is from Morris Illinois and recently joined us. She enjoys driving the Clearwater Marine Aquarium route and likes to make the trolley experience as enjoyable as the Aquarium and Dolphin Tale Adventure. Donna knows that her passengers like the open trolleys and will share any little bit of history to make their experiences more interesting.


Jackie is from Cincinnati Ohio and has been driving the Jolley Trolley since 2013. She enjoys driving the trolleys and helping people get to where they need to go. Her passengers will receive a positive, informative, happy attitude from her and Jackie will offer awesome places to eat, shop, and find entertainment. She will also recommend places that they can go using their Jolley Trolley/PSTA passes.


Jill is from Jackson Mississippi and has been driving the Jolley Trolley since 2009. She enjoys her job driving up and down the beach all day! Her passengers can relax and not worry about driving while offering them friendly knowledge about the area. Jill will let you know what events are going on, what there is to see, and some of the best restaurants around!


Kathleen is from Salt Lake City, Utah and has been with the company for over a year. While driving the trolley, she enjoys, "Meeting the nicest people from all over the world - they love our beautiful beaches and Jolley Trolley's friendly and knowledgeable drivers. It's the best way to see the sights."


Mona, also known as Mojo, is originally from Texas. She moved to the Clearwater area because of our great weather and beaches. She loves our coastal route and reports that “each destination has its own particular brand of special!” From Tarpon Springs authentic Greek Cuisine and Dunedin’s unique vibe, you can’t go wrong. Mojo has been a professional driver for 25 years and, throughout those years, she has also volunteered for multiple hurricane relief efforts as well. Mojo encourages everyone to come ride the Jolley Trolley because the nostalgic look and feel of our trolleys make the experience wonderful.


Paul is from Memphis, Tennessee and recently joined the company. While driving the trolley he enjoys meeting new people and the beautiful scenery that Clearwater Beach has to offer. He knows that his passengers like our friendly drivers, open air trolleys, and the beach views. Even though he is new to the area Paul has acquired much information on local restaurants and attractions.


Rich is from Mays Landing New Jersey and joined us this past year. He likes having the front drivers seat while he meets people from all over the world. He says 'being on the trolley does not feel like you are on a bus or shuttle, and you feel like this is a part of your vacation experience.' Rich will let you know the best way to get to places and the best places TO GO!


Robert is from Carmel Indiana and joined us this year. He enjoys learning about his passengers from many parts of the world and their different cultures. He says' We get to share a small piece of our lives in the brief time we have together.' The passengers get to sit back and relax while enjoying the fantastic scenery Florida has to offer. Robert might get to know you quickly and will suggest some entertainment or restaurants to your liking.


Yvonne is from Detroit MI and has been with us since 2013. She enjoys driving passengers and getting them safely to their destinations. Yvonne says that her passengers like the sites and all the different places to go. She will recommend some great restaurants, shops, and beaches if you ask her to share!